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Air Damper Hack

WOOD STOVE style and function in one, like no other!!

Here is the problem I had:

once the fir has gone out the latent heat saved in the flue is then undermined by the fact that cold air is still coming in though the stove from out side then up the flue and cooling it as the wood is now depleted the fire is out and the thermostat is then fully open.

My solution

got a valve / damper from

installed a Honeywell mid-position valve actuator to it,

Hay Presto!!

Here is a short video on the valves Assembly.


green : earth
Orange: to light
blue: neutral
white and gray : connected together and to power in from Klixon

How it works

So the valve is connected to high temperature KLIXON that closes at 50 Centigrade.

when I make the fire i have the door ajar, until I get a green light from the valve to say the valve is oppen and I can close the door.

if the power go's out I can over ride it or it will fail to safe .

if the wood is used up it will close and keep my flue and stove warm.

Considering helping me, give you this, as well as helping me bring you many more interesting stuff. It is not perfect, but is a start. Enjoy.

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