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You can build a stove yourself

WOOD STOVE style and function in one, like no other!!

Expected time for the project, about 2 months. working  evenings and a few hours on week ends.

You can build a simple, or complex stove, but you will always get supper efficiency and reelable design and build.
  1. Decide what stove you would like to build.
  2. with or with out back boiler
  3. with or with out fan.
  4. email me for drawings, then I will send them out to you, after a payment for them. 50.00 (This will get you the drawing as as well as my time, as much as I can. Till it is built.)
  5. have a look at the drawings, and see what parts you cant make, can have made,need to be bought.
  6. send the drawings off to get steel cut.
  7. Buy castings from me, or make them your self. ( will be putting up some you tube videos.
  8. Assemble yourself or have a fabricator weld it up for you.
  9. powder coat or spray paint.
  10. final assembly with parts from me , or from any good supplier.
  11. test run, then install.
well done!! job done.

expected time for the project, about 2 months.

"Well what is it guna cost me?"

Lets see? 

"If you are going to build the most basic unit, and cut and make every thing yourself, I would think less than 


"The more you out source the more its guna cost." 
"On avarage to get the steel cut and delivers ready to weld, I would say 200.00""then you also need all the other parts, but HAY! the biggest part is the casing."

"So really this is actually not only a fantastic stove, it can be unbelievably reasonably priced to!"

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