WOOD STOVE style and function in one, like no other!!

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Technical stuff

The truth about heating with wood in your home.

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What makes my stove different??

My wood stove dimentions and sizes

Wood Burning efficiency link

Sizing Options link

How to install

How to Operate

Thermal Efficiency


Out side air debate

Gasification Efficiency


Flue Temperature and efficiency lie

EU Certification and build quality

AIR WASH (system to keep glass clear)

My Competitors stoves

Perry Instruction and installation manual

What a university has to say from resurch

Wetback / Backboiler stove warning!!!

if you have a boiler stove and you are relying on a safety valve to circulate cold water in the event of a power failure! BE AWERE you probably will not have water to do that!! and you will boil the water in the stove, creating steam and a very explosive situation!


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