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"How do we get this performance?" 

WOOD STOVE style and function in one, like no other!!


You cannot be green if you are not efficient.

If you are considering buying a wood burner, wood stove for heating your home.

Consider this:

Unless you get a stove that is over 85% efficient, are you a hypocrite?

It takes petrol to cut down the trees; it takes petrol (carbon fuels) to transport the wood and to process it. If you send most of that up as smoke and heat up your flue, you are actually adding to the global problem.

Man that seemed mean, but its true!

OK 85% is really REALLY optimistic! but you get the idea

The way my unit works

down draft wood stove

Air heating unit

wood stove back boiler
wood stove back boiler.jpg
wood stove back boiler

water heating unit

Why consider downdraft technology?

  • Very high secondary burn temperature, even at low setting, for more complete combustion. (+1000 deg. C)
  • Can fill the fire box and the mane burning takes place at the bottom of the fuel, unlike a conventional “up burn” where all the fuel is engulfed in flames.  (allowing much longer refueling times)
  • Proven technology used in most European wood gasification commercial boilers.
  • BUT THE MOST SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE IS THAT THE "BACK BOILER" IS NOT IN CONTACT WITH THE FIRE OR WOOD FULE ! ! what this implies is the fire can burn hotter and more efficiently than any conventional fire!


the hole between the fire box and the flame box has this VORTEX (centrafuge ), the idea is that it will give sparks time in the flame to burn up. produce an even cleaner flame. (patent pending)


So what dose all this equate to Financially?


If you want to heat the average house you will need about 4 tones of wood to burn, every season.

My stove runs at 80 to 85% in my back yard with no problem.

Normal stoves only run at their 76+% efficiency in a lab under controlled conditions and after numerous trials!

So in reality if you have a stove that has secondary burn, you are getting +- 60% Eff.


So 20% better is 20% less wood, and on 4 tones that is almost 1 tone! That is one hell of a lot of chopping and splitting!


I don’t know what you are paying for wood, or if it even justifies the cost of my stove over others, but what I can say though is "ONE TONE OF WOOD!! Man that is one hell of a lot of wood!" 2That is a lot of going out in to the cold, and one hell of a lot of opening and loading of the fire!!"

Lastly the messy job of cleaning is now only done once a week not every morning. (I have been burning pallets, and have to get all the nails out, more so than any ash! if I was burning logs it would only be probably once ever two weeks? this is using the stove every day for 7 to 8 hours to heat the entire house.)


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