Fire Wood Trolley "INSIDE OUT TROLLEY"

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Here is my latest product  "IN-SIDE-OUT-TROLLEY"

WOOD STOVE style and function in one, like no other!!

Take a look at my latest invention, I call it the "in side out trolley"
it has two sets of wheels , tilt the one way for fetching your wood out side, then tilt over on to the non marking wheels for in side! 



the "MODION"


Note : The Modion can be lade down on ether side to be used as a bench or table. ( not the handles allow it to be lain and the sides will be parallel to the ground. 

will be posting some video and pictures soon.

this video is the original "RETRO" - style "fire-wood-log-trolley"


Sorry this is a terrible picture of the "RETRO TROLLEY" I will post a few better ones ASAP

Considering helping me, give you this, as well as helping me bring you many more interesting stuff. It is not perfect, but is a start. Enjoy.

Priced at:

Original RETRO style is 175.00 rrp

MODION style is 180.00 rrp

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