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The perfect choice for the modern or classic home.

free standing or in an existing fire place


I have two models available.

Dry with fan 4,970.00

Wet with tank and controls 5,750.00

Available WORLD WIDE!

If you would like one I'll send you one!

+ delivery (no Vat)

WOOD STOVE style and function in one, like no other!!

I am so “chuffed” to be able to announce my new stove! Yes it is here, it was built as replacement for a customer that was not happy with the performance of his “Chesny wood stove”. This was installed in a recess fireplace thus there was very little heat to the room.

My unit has a large area heat transfer zone at the back to get the heat out of the fire in to the room, and then in addition I have added a tangential fan at the back to get that hot air in to the room.

Really a fantastic fire (8 to 12kw)

wood burning stove.jpg

Note: new units now only have air intake at the back.

wood stove.jpg

Just a few things to note:


Still with the fantastic patented Vortex burner.

This unit has three independent controls

  1. Hand held Remote Control three speed air circulating fan.
  2. Heat lever
  3. down burn latch.



Note: new units now only have air intake at the back.

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