WOOD STOVE style and function in one, like no other!!

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Please do have a look round,  I hope you enjoy it, To Me art is .. innovation, it has to be relevant. It has to have a style and beauty. art and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, making the beholder an artist in a sense as well. I would like you to see my work, not only as functional pieces , but as a style , my style, and one I hope you can relate to. something so simple, it has to be clever to be that..

Please just enjoy my creations. I MAKE THEM FOR I HAVE TO CREAT,  so they are inessence for me but if you could enjoy the journey too, that makes me happy to.


The world’s Best and Most efficient back boiler log stove fire?

The only unit with all the safety devices all built into one unit.

Turn your money and effort in to a warm comfy home, not up the chimney as smoke

I have set about building a better stove, and here, after some years and many hours here it is for you!


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a stove like no other.


Thank you for considering helping me, give you this, as well as helping me bring you many more interesting stuff. It is not perfect, but is a start. Enjoy.