Hancock alternative beehive

We also have "swarm lure stick",

This is a simple device, however,   it attracts swarms to my garden. However it needs to be in a location,  frequent most of the time.

Honey Box swarm trap. 

This hive works slightly differently to traditional hives.

Once the swarm is caught, the trap is then placed directly onto the new hive, and it will be then left there for the first season.

The third Box can be filled with fondant or sirip the help them get started.

Removing and installing Honey Box

So as the honey box is narrower than the hive box it has two little brackets on. 

This is then screwed to attach to the hive.

You can now also install the little plank along the bottom so it can be cantilevered off.
So in spring the box can be removed to allow the cork to be removed.

Then in autumn, it can then again be removed, this time , depending how the summer was you will have a box or three of honey. the cork and the box can returned after it has been emptied out of honey and bees.
there is no need for the side boxes if you just want bees..